Friday, December 27, 2013

when it's your love

It's a first or an unexpected or she needs to know if there is a website they can reference on the bid. The company is turning in a quote today and they want me as their photographer and oh shit I can't give you the blog.

Can I just send you some photos?

Yeah, that'll be fine.

And here we are at another junction of I didn't know where this was going, only that it was going so if I had to think we are somewhere else today then we were at this same time last year, that if we are marking this point in time as here comes another then I am going to say I am grateful for those times when it wasn't the easiest thing I could have done.

Pushing and being pushed through doubt only convinces.


Chantel said...

You're going to be amazing. Well, actually, you already are...just finding other avenues to show that. :)

Shea Goff said...

As always, you are incredibly kind and I've been meaning to write so here we are and I need to tell you that I got the books….they were on the front porch until my Mom finally said, "What is that package on your front porch?" Thanks to you and a new postal worker I've rediscovered the front porch. Thank you for that and for the notes.