Thursday, December 26, 2013

those we put on the stage

Don Monopoli

What I remember of the photo is less than the story I imagined around it. The child or children were blurred. He or they were running through a stack of red plastic cups. Maybe smiles. Surely because the story was a single dad who was welcoming his children home for the weekend and they saw the pyramid of red plastic cups when they walked in the door. Then he encouraged them to run through them and their weekend started and it was all what a great Dad which resulted in what a great guy which concluded in okay, that's enough.

I saw several movements in the past couple of years about the rights of single fathers and how they are given such bad reputations and I thought that is not how it works. It's not that I have anything against movements. I do realize there are many personal struggles of which I have not been involved, but I will say that when I see a guy spending time and playing with his children I have to check myself because my default is that I expect it from women. When a guy does it my heart swoons. Crazy, I know.

Today I am grateful for all those parents around me, and there are plenty of both genders, who simply take time to enjoy their children.

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