Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the opposition

The football soccer field is on the way to the gym before the auditorium and since I am here and there are so many things happening and I'd just hate to think anything was lesser than another I stop.

Sixty photos of the team warming up but only one I really love. It is the look on her face, the way the light hits her. Fierce, focused. A few more photos and I'm off to a basketball game and a band concert.

The next day I publish twenty-five photos, this being my favorite.

Until a nice man suggests I may want to practice taking photos of our team rather than the opposing one.


Today I am grateful for constant reminders that I need to slow down and lighten up and laugh 'cause  ohgoodgosh, that's funny.


Anonymous said...

Soo, this is it, is it over, kaput, gone, arevaderchy. Come on show a little love, its christmas. P.S. I know some more big words, just cant spell em.

Anonymous said...

Please dont go, away.

Shea Goff said...

I'm here.