Thursday, October 24, 2013

who we go to for the solution

He had a beautiful problem last week. A stampede of sorts, a mob of third, fourth and fifth graders who were demanding their book, the one they earned through reading and math and attendance. These kids, they were requesting their principal by name. 

Where's Mr. Kelley? I want my book.

He has given out over five hundred just this year.

These are the problem solvers of our world. They stand at a front door and greet our children into what they consider is their building which is housing their teachers who are teaching their students.

None of these people went into teaching and administration to make millions of dollars, though if you listen to their philosophies they sound like they come from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. And if you think about it then it doesn't take you long to understand this is the most important company we have in this country.

I would obviously crumble under such responsibility, but these people, they show up early, stay late, lead with a decisiveness that makes you wonder, Can you seriously be that sure of yourself?

The answer is yes. Yes, they can and they are and they have to be because each one of these people understands the weight of the world they are carrying.

Back in the day getting called into the principal's office was not necessarily a good thing, but now it seems seeing the principal may mean you're getting a pat on the back or a free book.

This month is National Principal Month so if you, like me, didn't realize that until now then you still have a week to go shake the hands of those people who are leading, building, directing, creating, supporting, I can't imagine when they would ever sleep, a future within our children.

Today I am grateful for those that lead because they care, and, as a result, come up with beautiful problems to have.


Elisa Mayo said...

Awesome -- I love your creative genius in these pics.

Shea Goff said...

And I love how you are so kind. Thank you for the pat on the back, boss.