Wednesday, October 9, 2013

volunteer, plarn hats

It is an irrefutable fact that putting yourself out there always gives you something back. A purely selfish act is making yourself available to others. You could pretend that you're such a giver but no, I know you go because of what you get back.

It's a direct deposit of immediate gratification in the who you meet and what that means to who you dream you can be. And I swear I didn't read this in Newsweek. I didn't find out by watching TV. I simply heard a rumor and pretended I was some kind of investigative reporter.

Then they trapped me.

So what I'm saying is don't volunteer because these women will get you hooked on feeling good about yourself and what you can do in this world. You'll keep going back because you're selfish and chasing the endorphins released as a result of what you witnessed around you. From what I hear there is no treatment. You are trapped.

Today I am grateful for these crazy, wonderful, beautiful women I meet.

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