Tuesday, October 22, 2013

those that do

It was always the case in other jobs that I would jump into a position, tear it apart, bring all those preconceived notions of I knew best. Part belief, part hoping you believed and that would make it so.

This one is different.

Here I am surrounded by people who make my own obsessions look like casual hobbies. This is where I am to tell you what those people are doing, and let me tell you, I've only had a week on this job and well, we're going to take this one slow because of all the ways we can complain about our educational system I think it is important to note there are some truly remarkable people doing highly creative work.

If what you were thinking is our children are not test scores then welcome to the boat.
For some teachers, administrators and parents that ship sailed a long time ago.

Today I am grateful for these people. I mean, seriously. You'll see.

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