Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've been tasked with attempting to explain something I don't truly understand, one gigabyte per second uploading and downloading via a fiber. What I do know is that rural living is peaceful and beautiful and if the weather is good I can have reasonable internet between two and ten in the morning. Here the word reasonable means I can access the internet which is great since normally I can't. I don't complain, don't call them and fuss because when I signed the two year contract they were my only option. They still are. I accept my fate, knew even then what it was.

But now.
Last Thursday in fact I got a call from a guy who said the world could be wide open. A Mississippi based company called C Spire was looking for a Mississippi town to install their fiber. Similar to what Google did in places like Chattanooga and Kansas City, the potential for what our minds could not even imagine was being offered but we had to act fast and in droves and there are not that many of us and how can we make sure everyone hears and understands.

By October 20th we need as many people as possible in our town, our county, to show interest by filling out a form here. But why? ohgoodgosh. From my research thus far we're talking game changer for a place which needs new industry and jobs and a way to challenge a company who lacks in service and affordable pricing because they have a monopoly. What my son, in his high speed access, tech heavy, 3D printing, university town said is, Mom, if y'all don't get it. I hope we do.

Oh baby, you know we need this more than you.

Today I am grateful for potential so great my mind can only fathom the smallest of steps to what it could be.


grannie said...

i hope that Clarke county gets on the stick and gets things done. would be great for all concern.spread the word., thanks, wish that i still lived there sometimes.

Shea Goff said...

Me, too! You know you could always come back, bring Betsy and Ted and Grace. Betsy and Ted would definitely get into some 1GB Fiber.