Thursday, October 10, 2013

name calling

When I first suggested to John that he could be, may be, possibly consider himself a nerd he was all, What? I drive an Indian motorcycle and listen to hard rock at three digit decibels. 

So I was all, Um. Okay there, friend, but you know as well as I do that without the nerds of the world there would be no motorcycles or the ability to damage our hearing through tiny speakers we put in our ears.

Plus, John, you're the IT guy. We need you to be our nerd because I'm not scared of spiders or frogs or things that go bump in the night but cords? Layers and knots and laying on the floor and climbing up the wall and no, no, no, please, get the cords away from me.

I asked him, Are we being microwaved right now?

Nothing too harmful. He laughed.

Funny, John. Real funny.

The thing is that when John says something I believe him because he knows about three digit decibels and any radiation surrounding us in this room. He is the guy we turn to when we need to tell someone, This thingamajig does not work even when I shake it and throw it up against the wall. John studies it and understands it and the all important makes it work. 


He is the guy we go to for answers so, of course, we would ask him, What is the big deal about having C Spire Fiber in our area?

And that's when he writes us a dissertation which could be turned into a feature film on the subject.

Because John is passionate about our children's education and community and how a fiber network could connect and expand the abilities of a people. This guy knows and he's the one we turn to when we have questions about technology in our schools and our county. And let me tell you, I met him and stood in this room with him and knew I was okay because John told me I was okay and John knows.

John knows technology, and John says this is important.

Don't tell John I said so, but I think he is the most exquisite of nerds because he is using his brilliance for our children.

That's why I told C Spire to please come by filling out this form.

Today I am grateful for those in our world who specialize and care and are willing to answer our questions so we can be led into a bigger, better and brighter future. with. our. kids. (insert as many exclamation points as you need right there)


Anonymous said...

I do trust John to take care of us in this vast sea of constantly changing technology. But, for some reason, I find it comforting that he was a marine, rides a cool bike, and listens to rock music. He's a tech guru and cool guy at the same time. Now, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above!! John is the coolest tech guy and his team is pretty awsome too!!

Anonymous said...

John "Big Money" K. is a cool dude! He does what he says he is going to handling all of the "spam" I somehow get! One day I would love to make just half of what he makes!!! ; )

Shea Goff said...

John is obviously the bomb diggity.

Eddie Fulton said...

John cares, period. He understands what bringing C-Spire's Fiber Optic Services will do for our School and City. With John and C-Spire we will run the mile in 24 seconds. BEAT THAT!

Shea Goff said...

I'm with you, Mayor. I don't think we can beat that.