Thursday, October 31, 2013

like a bulldog hugging a hound

If there was any reason to be a writer and to not be a writer it is because of people like this in places like these who say to you, I can't believe this is happening to me. I just can't believe it.

For me it is the crucial fight or flight, keep it together or crumble, because this guy can't imagine that anything he's been doing in his life would be something to write about, but what he's been doing has been important to his family, his community and his employer.

So important there will be a book filled with some of the things he has said and illustrated by the people who have come to depend on him.

Not just because he comes in and does his job everyday with a smile on his face. It would be enough if you saw the property he maintained, that if he is not doing this he is doing that and if you want an interview he says, Just come get me, but even for that he won't sit.

He'll stand and talk to you.

And you'll find out why people want to document and keep Mr. Rogers' view on things because you'll see it and hear it and you'll know how important this is.

More to come, but first I must sit down and write an article on the who and why in five hundred words of doing the best I can.

Today I am grateful to be part of something which honors this man.


grannie said...

very good start, love your words and pictures as always. proud of all that you do

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Aunt Sue. You're a sweetie!