Monday, September 2, 2013

volume one, labour

labour because they could spell things with an extra vowel back then because they had extra time. lol

Jess wants to know, Why do we celebrate Labor Day, Aunt Shea?

Um. Well. I think we're celebrating those people who labor, who toil away at a task and yeah we most likely need to find out how this became a day.

I look in the rearview mirror and she smiles. That's all I need obviously to do about four hours of research into the US Department of Labor, Wikipedia's information on Labor Day and the Knights of Labor organization and strikes and Chicago and New York and she's only nine years old but still I drove her crazy with all the answers.


She has a day off of school and the family grills drunk chickens and we eat and enjoy the time together because someone somewhere declared a holiday after many people struggled to gain rights and recognition.

What seemed most important to her today was time she spent with her Daddy.

Later I see one of my favorite American laborers tasking away at her job by smoking a cigarette outside the front door of a local convenience store. Here I should note that I love small town convenience stores because of the people who work behind the counters. I consider them an economic indicator and a welcome center to a community since as one of them told me, America runs on gasoline, caffeine and nicotine. We've got all three.

I tell her not to hurry on the cigarette. I'll just be in the store when she is finished. She hurries anyway.

At the register I ask, Been busy today?

Steady, she says. Lots of outta town folks. From Louisiana, Pensacola.

Well, that's cool. People coming here for a holiday?

Oh no. They were going to Missouri or something. I asked them, 'What the hell are you doing here?'

Priceless, I think and laugh. We need a billboard, tout an entire county on Why the hell would you come here? That's probably been done, huh?

Adam Smith destroyed most of his papers during the last days of his life.

Today I am grateful he was unable to destroy them all.

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