Thursday, September 12, 2013

the Possum Holla question

Marcus Linton is allergic to the instrument he plays. He rode home the night of the Possum Holla Bluegrass Festival swollen, dark circles under his eyes. He played two sets that day, the first in the heat of a Mississippi May. There was no shade.

I never once heard him complain.

Someone messaged me the other night to ask, Are we going to have another Possum Holla Festival?

We? I asked. Who is we?

It won't be me unless the local businesses of this area get behind the people who performed that day. I stand firm in the fact that the music of this place is a natural resource and none of those musicians should have been out any money to perform for those that came.

So I guess they have a decision to make.

The Sunday after the festival I went to see my leading economic indicator to ask her how business had been the day before.

Shoooowee, she said. Glad that's over with.

I laughed. It was good to know the business benefitted and great to hear she knew why the heck someone would come to Quitman, MS.

Today I am grateful for those bands who did what they did that day.


grannie said...

i hope that Quitman and Clarke county , know what they had there this year, and will have more.

Shea Goff said...

It was great but it'll be okay if they don't.