Monday, September 9, 2013

divine command theory

Contains everything the aspiring alchemist requires to begin the journey toward unlocking the secrets of the universe.

The class he most despises is philosophy of religion. No homework, nothing like accounting which piles on what he considers busywork. Philosophy of religion, he contends, is an hour of listening to a professor talk incessantly about those things not worthwhile.

So I ask, What is worthwhile? Then, Maybe you could ask him.

When I return home I find a package in the mail.

The package contains a key.


A medallion.

Artifacts and wonders from the four corners of the world and beyond.

A card.

seven of clubs

Four vials.

The box is numbered A151.

A page from a Bible.

Second Samuel, 16:22 - 18:5

And you know I'm a sucker for a thank you note.

I am honored to be part of such a creative endeavor as this interactive story.
Hope this can help.

Today I am grateful for adventure and mystery and play.

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