Friday, August 30, 2013


three years ago this October

I start teaching a photography class next week but today I have a shoot at 8am so it only seems reasonable that I would make a list of how to mentally prepare yourself for a photography shoot.

Here goes.

1. Fully embrace the potential of everything falling apart: weather, light, battery, memory card, brain injury, earthquake, tidal wave, birds.
2. Look back at old photos you once thought were some of your best work. Judge yourself harshly. The word idiot comes in handy here.
3. Focus on those people who have snubbed your work. Pretend like their opinion is very, very important to the point it should be considered fact.
4. Toy with the potential of a career change. This was just a hobby, right? Seriously, why were you even doing this?
5. Stumble on a memory. The first wedding you did, with a borrowed camera at that.
6. Remember what holding the camera was like.
7. Smile.
8. Think, Maybe. Just maybe this could be okay. Or better than that.
9. Think, Oh no. I just jinxed myself.
10. Know, no matter what, you're not giving up now.
11. Breathe.
12. Relax.
13. Repeat steps one through twelve until forever I guess.

Today I am grateful for opportunity, for the chance.

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