Thursday, August 15, 2013

Superman and Wonder what you're doing Woman

Word Face III, Mixed Media by Cindy Aune

Jacob closed his eyes but could feel his Mama pace back and forth, back and forth, stomping it seemed on the floor in front of him. He gripped the arms of his chair and pushed his head back as he held onto the thought this would end soon. He knew she was on the phone with another lawyer in Jackson.

“I'll tell you one thing, Mr. Benson. They can send me to jail. I don't give a damn. They better hope they keep me in there 'cause I'm going to sue 'em for all they got. I ain't gonna take this shit,” her voice strengthened but Jacob knew what was coming next. His Mama would cry. That was something Jacob couldn't stand.

I am Superman, Jacob thought. He opened his eyes to focus on the photo above the mantle. If only I had my cape. If only I could fly. Life is so unfair. Jacob began to feel a pained thud as if his heart was beating in his head.

Jacob’s Mama sobbed, “I don’t have that much money, Mr. Benson. You don’t understand all the bills we got. Can’t you just take it outta the final settlement? There’s no way they could win. You know what they did to my child.”

I hate them, Jacob thought. I hate them for what they do to her. The photo blurred, Jacob held his breath, the beat of the pain quickened until

“Jacob? Jacob baby, are you okay?”

Jacob heard his name, opened his eyes, blinked twice for yes.

“Okay, my little Superman. You hang in there. Mama’s gotta make some more calls.”

Jacob closed his eyes. He could feel his Mom begin to pace back and forth, back and forth, stomping it seemed on the floor in front of him.

Today I am grateful to realize so much of our children's anxieties come from how worried they can be about us. Just like we are them. 

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