Tuesday, August 13, 2013

looks like a memory, black and white

She called me a photographer, put a name to it, gave me a label I wanted and there are people of this world who you will forever remember because their lesson was one of encouragement and their life served as an example of you can do it.

It can be done.

And if a large part of what we needed was someone to say yes and good job and here's an opportunity, you go. Then yes, we witnessed what that can do for someone so we became indebted to the world. 'Cause we know of competition and we hear all those voices and see all that talent and it's easy to become overwhelmed but we know this was no sprint. We're in for the long haul.

Which means.

Everyday we wake up and think how in the heck did we get here.
Then we remember so we keep that same giving going.

Today I am grateful for a lady, a writer, an editor, a lovely, lovely human who will probably never understand how much she gave.

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