Saturday, July 20, 2013


If you take the "w" and the "o" and the "r", drop off the "k" and add another "r" and a "y" then you could have two different words with the same meaning. Maybe sometimes we get so used to anxiety that we cling to it and we turn it into how we make money.


So it's not been a great week, not because of what's happening outside. Outside I had two assignments following one, a road trip to a place I had never been, a brick road I could turn gold,


but inside my head it wasn't going to be good enough because it was the writing and I overcompensated on the article about Othar or Other or Otha, spelled all three ways. It's tough when your editor is your friend because most times friends don't want to be hard and I have been kicking myself for nine hundred thirty-six words which shouldn't have been over eight hundred.

So you don't need to read this because who wants to read someone who always complains.

So listen to this.

The boy got a job in a place he always wanted amongst streets he loves where if need be he could walk to work and yeah. That is huge and fantastic and Go, boy. You rock.

And Kim has a story to be continued.
And I am not going to be so bummed about Othar, Other, Otha because I've still got to write about the wood stork.

photo of an unsigned photo on the wall of Tara

If you've been here for a while you already know my feelings about birds though I kinda like this guy. Doesn't he look like the nerd of bird world, like he's wise or smart or you'd call him if you had a computer glitch? I mean, if we were calling birds, that is.

Oh hell, I'll just call him Othar 'cause he looks smart.

Today I am grateful to know of joy and humor before I get back to work or worry.


Anonymous said...

Worry or perfectionism...or are they one of the same. I have diagnosed an irresponsible perfectionist!!! Notice the three exclamation points. Symbols of my devotion!

Shea Goff said...

Irresponsible? Thank you, my anonymous friend, for giving me that word. It came to me several times last week. Perfectionist? I would just like to be a goodist.

Your devotion is lovely and I am so very grateful for it. Exclamation point.