Friday, July 12, 2013

the catcher lobbed you the ball

Here it comes. Everyone is looking at you now. You better have it done right. This could mean everything. What if this is the game changer? Your whole team is watching. They need you. Don't miss it. Don't drop it. Remember all that they taught you. Body in line with the ball, knees bent, glove out like a bucket, the other hand ready to cover the ball and do with what you need to.

It's coming. It's coming.

It's here.

You caught it.

Today I am grateful to know all moments need our preparation and all moments receive it.


Today I have a big meeting and I could be ya' know a little nervous because yeah it feels like a crucial, do my best, don't waste anyone's time, you better get this right, do not drop the ball, ball dropper meeting but yesterday Tempa and I talked about this photo and it helped me to remember what you helped me remember in that moment.

Thank you. You are so much my heart.

Aunt Shea


Tempa Dean said...

You captured perfection with your lens and your words. Love this.

Chantel said...

She looks ready for anything, Aunt Shea.

I'm certain you are too. :)

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Tempa. I knew you would understand.

She is, Chantel. Thank you for the vote of confidence, my friend.