Wednesday, July 24, 2013


You know how you are given something which feels right and you don't want to say anything or step on any sidewalk cracks or break a mirror or walk under a ladder or even mention you are feeling this way,

because then you might jinx it?

And you realize how superstitious you are so you throw salt over your shoulder, make a wish on a star, eat black eyed peas, and never ever ever forget your gratitude. 

Which is what I did yesterday. I forgot to write it.

So I killed this rabbit and cut off his foot.

No. Not really.

Today I am grateful to have heard that luck is more likely to come with hard work.

Update: I want to change the word "hard" in my gratitude. I don't want hard. I want consistent and persistent and inspiring and challenging work. So there. The rabbit can live and everybody is happy and we're doing something here.

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