Wednesday, July 3, 2013

mississippi museum of art

Remember when I had to study Monet in order to complete an article for Desoto? Here was my attempt at gathering information and trying to make early sense of it. What I knew and said at the time was that I wanted to take Jess to see Monet's work and I said so out loud and my Mom heard me and she has since asked me several times, When are you taking Jesse to the museum?

I gotta do that.




I'll figure that out.

Until Monday when Mom said, Jesse needs something to do tomorrow.

Yesterday we went. Not only did they have this exhibition, but we got to see this one as well. And we brought back finger puppets for Marlee and performed our own little show of what we learned and I realize how silly it is to put off those things we find we need most like a day with a kid who loves road trips and windows down and singing as loud as we ever could.

Today I, again, am so very grateful for that kid and her enthusiasm for life and learning and how, if we're going to be honest here, she teaches me all the important stuff.

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