Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dawn's Curiosity

Dawn closed on the building in February and gave Ms Beulah Nell till June 2nd to close the five and dime known by area folks as Woody's. It was the end of an era, a history of ten different wooden bins of erasers. A child's dream, more stuff than you can fathom. Faye Smith even wrote in the local paper that she didn't know where in the world she would get her thread once Woody's closed. Mom was wondering about the silk flowers she put on everyone's graves. Tempa even thought about preordering a Christmas wreath.

That dang Dawn Early had gone and destroyed a place where everybody got everything.

I laughed at her and with her about the ruckus she was causing. The fact was that Ms. Beulah Nell knew it was time to retire, and Dawn felt like the timing was right to jump off a cliff.

Into a storefront she is calling The Curiosity Shoppe where shop is spelled in some old world we had enough time to write all the letters with some feather pen and ink.

Because Dawn likes history.

That must be why she purchased a building constructed in 1921. Eighty-two years old, over thirty her senior, Dawn has been uncovering the structure's secrets, finding treasures and notes left. Like her neighbor, Ruth, she is a giggling child at Christmas and she works.

Works, I tell ya'.

She has scraped rubber mat off of floor, taken cabinets off walls, sanded a ceiling, swept, mopped, wiped, sweated, managed, asked, begged, bought, applied. Like I said, she has worked.

She is one month into this and next week she will apply the color to these walls.
Her plan is to be ready August first. The Curiosity Shoppe will be a photography studio, a gift shop featuring two pottery lines, Mississippi Mud baby clothes, frames, candles, jewelry and an exclusive product only sold here, Dirt Dauber Designs.

She told me she would box my Christmas presents, and I told her if she put a bow on top of them she has all my business.

This is what I love. This is history. This is how we are made.

Someone like Dawn Early, photographer, artisan, entrepreneur, woman with a vision, a plan, 
becomes a shop.

Of course she would say she has some help.

Today I am grateful to know these people, to share stories, a love of photography and laughs.

Go, Dawn. This is exciting to watch.


Chantel said...

Oh, I love this! You make me wish I lived closer.... *sigh* It sounds perfectly wonderful!

Edea Baldwin said...

I am so excited about Dawn and Robbie and their vision. The grand opening should be an extraordinary event. Their hard work to bring dreams into reality is humbling to this creaky senior citizen! Ah, the beauty of youth.....and of that perfect name, The Curiosity Shoppe.

Dawn said...

Love the article and pics!!

Shea Goff said...

Chantel, you would love it. Dawn has beautiful creative energy just like you.

Oh Edea, I can't wait. It's good to know Second Line Pottery will be there.

Again I am so glad you like it, Dawn. It was an honor so thank you for allowing me to do it.