Monday, July 22, 2013


Lance did everything right. He won all the time. People praised him like you wouldn't believe.


I watched them on tv. His single Mom sat beside him on a stage, so proud of the winner he became.


That's how it went until finally he won the Tour de France, many more times than you would think.


He had done something wrong and the fall. Well. the fall.


We looked within and didn't like what we saw.

Today I am grateful to understand not one of us living today has ever reached perfection.
Whew. that's a relief.


Elisa Mayo said...

Tragic and true of us all.

Chantel said...

Amen. (although I think there are a few people out there that didn't get the memo...)

Shea Goff said...

Oh Elisa, I can't imagine how hard perfect would be.

Chantel, I think everyone got it. Some people just try to hide it.