Wednesday, July 10, 2013

cheating on the test

Beth's Office

She tells me her favorite historical hero was Jane Addams. I look up Jane Addams, going to Wikipedia to get the information.

Of course that is her favorite historical hero.
Most likely there is some, if not all of, Jane Addams in this woman.

I have to think about it. It's hard to just pick one. I read Kafka that morning. He's cool. CS Lewis, I think was probably some kind of awesome guy. Um. Jesus. Yeah, it would've been great to be his buddy walking the earth. Mother Teresa. Is she historical yet? Martin Luther King, Jr. not forgetting the importance of Mississippi's own James Meredith, who's still alive and living in Jackson last I heard. Thoreau. I struggle with Thoreau out at Walden. I love what Harper Lee did and how she was satisfied with that. Abe Lincoln. Of course. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Yep. Adam Smith. Uh huh. John F. Kennedy. Yes. All of those women who fought for my right to vote, and that sweet Jane Addams knew it had to come. Definitely. Maya Angelou, still around and kickin' it, I know. Jereome and Rachel Lee's son from Stonewall, MS. Yes. Sarah Todd, she represents so many to me. I wished I could have held David Foster Wallace's hand.


William Faulkner
Ernest Hemingway
Mark Twain
Viktor Frankl
Etgar Keret
Eudora Welty
JD Salinger
Jimmy Rogers
RL Burnside
Jessie Mae Hemphill
Other Turner
Paul "Bear" Bryant
Theo van Gogh and his brother Vincent

There are fellow bloggers who I think make history. There are people in this town, in the next one over.

So I tell myself, Self. Now, self. (wink wink) Focus on all the beauty you see.

Narrowed down to one?
Nope. I'll be Billy Sue on the top step of this one.

There has to be three.

Historical heroes narrowed down to only three. Thomas Jefferson. John Adams. Abigail Adams.
If only I could have served that table and listened to that grand and respectful debate. Beautiful.

Today I am grateful for the great debate within us and how with it we have love. yay, us.

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