Tuesday, July 30, 2013

because. the devil.

In his preface to Screwtape Proposes a Toast Lewis wrote, The world into which I had to project myself while I spoke through Screwtape was all dust, grit, thirst and itch. And then, It almost smothered me before I was done. It would have smothered my readers if I had prolonged it.

He writes as well it was the easiest writing he had ever done and the least enjoyable.

I am certainly not qualified to review this book. All I will say is he, as you know, was a remarkable thinker and the irony and circular motion of struggle is so incredibly personal and honest that the very conclusion of a Christian apologist putting pen to paper as the guest of honor demon, Screwtape, warning to Mr. Principal, Your Imminence, your Disgraces, my Thorns, Shadies, and Gentledevils,

All said and done, my friends, it will be an ill day for us if what most humans mean by "religion" ever vanishes from the Earth.

Today I am grateful again for those who left us notes.


Elisa Mayo said...

One of my favorite quotes from the book...what humans define as religion...indeed!! We get it all "screwed" up. Gratitude for the saving grace of The Son.

Shea Goff said...

And I am grateful for you, my friend. Thank you for lending me such an incredible book.