Saturday, June 15, 2013


Just so you know. I wear my bra to the convenience store.

There is a sweet adorable little elderly lady standing to the right of the cash register at the convenience store. It's confusing. She is on the customer side of the counter but rather than standing in a single file line with the rest of us she is facing us.

She says to the cute young lady in front of me, Oh you are so pretty. You have such beautiful eyes.

The young lady says, Thank you.

We all smile. It is a moment of someone receiving a compliment and giving gratitude and nobody died.

Then the sweet adorable little elderly lady looks at me. Is this your daughter?

Actually she's my sister. Only two years younger than me. I didn't know I looked so old.

Today I am grateful for laughter and a touch on the arm and a sweet adorable little elderly lady who walked with me out of the convenience store.

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