Thursday, June 6, 2013

future us

Whether it was by choice or some predisposition there was one thing we became to know. If something carried on it would be that we gave a shit about those who were left when we were gone. What is the best way we wondered and we found many things and some of us were right and some of us were wrong.

But most agreed you were going to need a safe place of love, to love.
No matter where you were we wanted you to believe in love.

So thus and therefore we created as many of those places as possible. We never could have done it without trusting that when you got there those little pockets of love had grown because we taught you how to plant them.

We hope you remember. In case you were wondering.

Today I am grateful for inspiration and motivation and music and all those ways we became to know.


Chantel said...

"...a safe place of love, to love."


Shea Goff said...

I am so grateful you are here, Chantel.