Tuesday, June 11, 2013

fathom of a nine year old

Hey, Jess. Wouldn't this be a cool restaurant? We could have bands in that back building, a respectful little place where people could come and listen to music.

Who would we get to play music?

Oh. I know people.

She smiles.

But in the restaurant what would we serve?

Daddy could make steaks.

Yeah. What else?

Pop could make gumbo.

Yeah but we'd have to put a warning label on the menu.


'Causa them bones. You know.

Daddy can make gumbo too.

What would Grammie make?

Cornbread.     Chocolate lasagna.         And a sundae bar. We'd have a sundae bar. All the kids could make their sundaes.

I don't know if we could let 'em. Health department regulations and stuff. You'd have to work the sundae bar.

There it is.
She's working it.
Her eyes light up and she is dreaming all the open of what appeared to be closed.

Yeahh, she says.

Today I am grateful to know the potential of something can be contained in our view of it.

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