Tuesday, June 25, 2013

chant in your head, an ode to my friend

"I say, 'Self. Now self.'"      by Jesse

Self, you need to hear this.
You have made some incredible friends, have a roof over your head. Your boy, he is doing good, says great even. It all seems to be working one way or another. Who knew you weren't turning the world?

Everyone else?

You're funny, self, which is good because it is fun to laugh.

Today I am grateful for my funny friends who love to laugh and do so frequently.
They make life so much easier.

I am going to add something here before asking my friend if I can. If she calls or emails me today and says/writes, Yo, crazy. Take my very personal self talk off of the internet. Remove.

Then I will remove it. But. This is good and this is why I love her and if there was a reason I believe I'm not turning this world it is because this writer's group just simply happened, fell in my lap, was not even in my vision. Then it was there.

Seriously. I bow to her genius.

Dear reader,

The following is written by my friend.


A Conversation of Self

1.Well, they’re gone.

2.Gosh, the house seems so empty.

1.I know, right?

2.Do you think they enjoyed it?  I mean, should I have left the house dirty…you know, not stayed up until midnight cleaning it?

1.Sure, if you wanted them to trip over toys and get grit on their feet.

2.Yeah, Shea did take her shoes off…

1.Probably still got grit on her feet.

2.Do you think she minded?

1.Hey, who stacked the dishes in the sink

2.Shea – Gosh, when did she take the scraps out?  Freaky – Do you think she thinks I’m OCD

1.Aren’t you?

2.Maybe I made them uncomfortable…clean house, weird tendencies, ya know I am perfectly capable of accepting people

1.Give it a rest—it’s who you are

2.K…what about the food—gosh, maybe I should have cooked something else…they probably hated it…I don’t know if it even tasted good…the chicken was kind of dry

1it wasn’t at 5:30…

2you’re right….whose fault was that anyway

1you know

2yeah…I think I’ll drink the rest of this coffee…sit on the couch, start this book…oh, gosh, we forgot to get that picture of tempa…and we didn’t help her with her computer!  I feel so awful…I’m the worst friend…
1yeah…what else did she have in her hand when she left…

2hmmmm….don’t know…gosh, I should have asked her….what was that…hate we didn’t get the picture…should have been a group picture…I’d like to have one on my bedside table….

1yeah, that’d be great, then you could think about them even more…

2hey, didn’t Tempa say she walked everyday…we could do that…I mean, exercise…you know the walking writer’s group…then we could see each other EVERY week

1you mean, another group…yeah, but what if Shea has to “go”…

2well,I probably will have to go,too…no coffee and fried eggs…maybe we’ll do it in the afternoon

1yeah, probably better for Amanda…

2gosh, do you think she has to “go”…she didn’t say anything about it…oh, gosh, neither did Tempa, maybe they don’t “go”

1Pretty sure they do---I meant probably better for Amanda in the afternoon

2oh – yeah – okay, I’ll mention it to them

1they’ll hate it



Anonymous said...

Yo…crazy...how could I ask you to remove this? After all...it is only fair. Since I am making a career of stalking you, you can pay a writer a great compliment by publishing her...even the idiosyncratic head voices...I learned to embrace Self a long time ago...

1Omg...no she is not going to do it!
2Ummm...yes, she did...cool.
2yeah...roll with it...
1Okay...I got it...after all I would forgive her anything...gosh, she is my people!

Chantel said...

lol....the two of you seem like peas and carrots to me. And she loved it Shea--as she said, she's forgive you for anything. :)

Shea Goff said...

It's good to be your people, Anonymous.

Oh Chantel, you are suited for this writer's group and they for you. If only you lived closer.

TaraRathbun said...

I realize it was a different group, but your ladies who love to laugh, and you yourself, are amazing. I laughed more last night than I have in I don't know now long. At some point in the night someone told me, "Your hilarious."
I thought to myself, 'Oh yeah. I was once the funny girl.'
I forgot that I could have that much fun with a group of girls. Thanks for being a part of the group who is helping remind me who I am. I can't wait to see what we do together!

Shea Goff said...

Oh Tara. I told at least two people that night, "This is the night I fell in love with Tara." If there is at least a part of me who can define herself by the company she keeps then more and more I love that part of me. And I agree about feeling anticipation for what as a group we'll create. This is going to be fun.