Thursday, June 20, 2013

before you took yourself out of the story

Paulette Getting Ready for Work, Clarksdale   Color Photograph   Milly Moorhead   Meridian Museum of Art

Paulette was getting ready for work. Mokie looked up from his book. 

Hey, baby.

Whatchu need, Mokie?

Do I gotta need something to say hey to you?

I don't guess so, Paulette turned and faced him. She never knew what Mokie was up to.

Mokie closed the book, took his reading glasses off, set them on the nightstand, looked again at Paulette and smiled. 

Paulette giggled then declared as serious as she could muster, Mokie, you know I gotta get to work.

Oh baby. You know I ain't trying to keep you. I just like watching.

Today I am grateful for inspiration.

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