Friday, May 10, 2013

you already knew this

nameless faceless

New York City is one ginormous construction/destruction site. Huge, I tell ya'. With more people than you thought were in the whole wide world. They are all there. We are the only ones here.

Everyone else there.
Us here.

Like that.

Moving. Drills, hammers, sirens, horns, clickclack, clickclack. A constant rush of sound as if you lived in a cabin next to a waterfall and all you ever knew to be true was the fall of water rushing, meeting, pushing. Splash.

If ever in your life you may have said to yourself, Yo. You there. You may have a problem processing information rapidly. You, my sweet, may be a little slow and that's okay as long as you know. Make things small, take your time, absorb your surroundings, take some photos and then write about it. That's probably the best you're going to be able to do,

You may want to go to New York City once.
You may want to glimpse at what all the fuss is about.

If you are me and you do take that leap,
here is what I suggest.

1. Bring a friend. Not just any friend but one who will push you outside into chaos.
2. Drive it. Watch how the world changes in eight states.
3. Three days. Seventy-two hours.
4. Be kind. Notice you need to be kinder because everyone around you is so kind and they smile and nod and even in the most concentrated places you find people like you who simply live somewhere else.
5. Bring back a name of someone, notes attached to a history, a laughter and a smile you won't soon forget.
6. Know this is exactly what you needed at the very moment you needed it.

Go to Tavern Jane at the corner of Jane and 8th, get there around five, sit at the bar, pick from one of the specials. Meet those New Yorkers.

Yes, I recommend New York City.

Today I am grateful to be home to my family, my dog, my cat, to sleep in my bed, to wash clothes, to listen to music,

to write you.


Anonymous said...

One picture? Thats it, one picture? Come on now.

Shea Goff said...

Oh, Anonymous, thank you for wanting more photos. There will be more, I'm almost certain. We just have to take this one slow.

Anonymous said...

You just got back from New York to this tiny, slow state, and you're already back to wanting to take things slow? Tsk, tsk, You are such a beautiful person...oh my it's unreal that any person can actually be wonderful and kind and positive! ...and an awesome photographer! :) Can't wait for more!

Betty Press said...

I love New York and hope to go back and visit soon. Liked your approach to the visit. By the way I wish you were in Hattiesburg tonight for the opening the MAC recipients show.

Shea Goff said...

Anonymous, I called my friend Kim to tell her that she should not read the comment section here because her eyes would roll so far back in her head that she would need surgery in order to see again. Thank you for thinking I am wonderful and kind and an awesome photographer....just. thank you.

So sorry I missed that, Betty. Last night was all about a back porch for me. I am looking forward to seeing your Mississippi work.

Edea Baldwin said...

Trouble with New York is, I would need to take in a Broadway show, and Bob would sooner eat dirt.