Tuesday, May 14, 2013

shout out to the big PA


If you're not into the gushing posts I sometimes write then you may want to sit out for this one. It's just I can't get past the trip we made last week without mentioning the state of Pennsylvania. My expertise on the subject is that I spent one night, at least twelve hours of driving, and two hours in the waiting room of a car dealership in the state. I spoke to at least eleven Pennsylvanians. Normally I do not like to stereotype though my nature is to group people together, make large assumptions become small so they can fit into my brain.

This is not something I am proud of. It is not advisable. Don't do what I do.


In my most recent study I found nine out of eleven Pennsylvanians to be the most absolutely, undeniably, insanely kind group of people I have ever met.

Is someone pumping oxygen into that state? 
Can I go undercover and investigate?

Who knew?

Well. You know Chantel comes here and she lives in Pennsylvania, but I mean. She could've just been a random absolutely, undeniably, insanely kind person who just happened to be from Pennsylvania. She couldn't represent 82% of the state. We can't just take one person or one experience with a person and say well, everybody is like that. I wasn't going to say that all the Pennsylvanians were exactly like Chantel.

But now.
Now after my official fourteen hour and eleven person study with the control of only a slight expectation I will say those people, they are just the sweetest damn people you'll ever meet.

Today I am grateful to know that sometimes when we have good assumptions we can have good realities.


Chantel said...

You, my sweet goober, are darling--do you know that?? And if you are EVER within a stone's throw, you'd better let me know.

We have a date for coffee to fulfull at some point. :)


Shea Goff said...

Promise, I'll let you know.