Tuesday, May 21, 2013

mandolin banjo mandolin fiddle brother

Study to show thyself approved. He would start every lesson that way.

We're all studying something, huh?

Adam said we were born with genius.
Malcolm Gladwell said we practice to it.

Someone asked me Saturday if I had a license to do this.
To do what? I asked.
To take photos?
I laughed, I have a national press pass with papers but it's silly and pretentious at the same time.
He laughed.

How dare I share this for free?

There are photographers and writers and people everywhere attempting to make a living at these things I am practicing for free. This was a volunteer job and it was a good one and all the photographs here are free to the people who line the stages or sit in the audience or visit this blog. I don't charge for digital images from volunteer work.

My experience with the publishing world is that they don't want to pay for photographs. The market is flooded. I have to write stories in order to publish my photographs for money. The stories are assignments, and a majority of the time the publishers will simply use a stock photo which they can get for pennies on the dollar.

All I have said is fine. Okay. I'll write your stories. But my blog is where I will come to love. You don't have to buy my photographs. I've already paid for them.

This is one of my two brothers.
He is an artist. Born that way.

On this project I worked with my son, my brother, four writers, countless musicians, a local potter, two other photographers, numerous community leaders, two people from a local produce market who will most likely never speak to me again, fellow music lovers, anonymous and my Mom and Dad who have so much patience with my practice.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to share freely in this world.


Anonymous said...

Smiling hard...that is all :)

Anonymous said...

I hear the smiles, also.

Anonymous said...

I love the way the photos feel, also.

grannie said...

love all that you do, and am very proud of you, keep up what you are doing, love you

Shea Goff said...

Anonymous, thank you three times.

Grannie, I feel the same way about you. Thank you.