Monday, May 13, 2013

from there to here

Two days back and I park in a puddle, walk into a building I know well. The camera is in the car. Though I brought it, it feels less important to have it now. It is. It is less important than the music and the music is coming from my left and is pushing and passion and Marcus Linton and Ethan Parten are dueling at Grand Oak Bluegrass Gospel Hall.

The sound is incredible and I can't begin to tell you and no, I don't record it.

This is home and I smile, put some money in the give if you can box and wave at Mr. Wilson. Then I make a cup of coffee and sit and listen and know, more than I know most anything, that no matter what happens next weekend at Possum Holla, this needed to be done. Someone, anyone who would be kind enough to listen, would have the opportunity to hear the talent coming from these woods, these trees, down these dirt drives.

It takes a moment to readjust, to focus.
Saturday night the best way I found to do it was through music.

Today I am grateful for the pull.

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