Thursday, May 30, 2013

but Marlee

I don't know how to say this 'cause it's not supposed to be about works and maybe it's not but sometimes it seems when God speaks it works in a way I know it is supposed to.

Just because.

I don't know.

But you'll know just like I do.

I met Dolly Parton's biggest fan. Well. She was when she was eight years old. She listened to everything Dolly Parton ever sang and she decided she would write Dolly one day to let her know.

She did, Marlee. She wrote Dolly. I never saw the letter but knowing this girl the way I do I would say the words were pleasant and encouraging and full of exclamation points. I'm sure she mentioned love. Surely she did, Marlee, because Dolly wrote her back a letter announcing she was now a member of the Dolly Parton Fan Club.

Being a member of the Dolly Parton Fan Club meant the little girl received newsletters and photos and she felt important, felt listened to.

All was fine until Dolly stopped putting out new music. Maybe she was going through a tough time. Dolly was forty-one and who knows what could be confronting a woman who was confronting a world. Being ten years old the girl decided again she would write. This time the letter was more instructive, possibly utilizing the word lazy and telling Dolly Parton that she needed to get to work.

Dolly didn't write back. There were no more newsletters from the fan club of which the little girl had been an avid member. And that's it.



That little girl became an adult. In her mid thirties. Her life was good. She loved her husband, had two beautiful children, a nice house, a good job and she found herself maybe a little bored. So one morning she got ready for work, got in her car, closed the door, looked up and said, God. I need something to do, give me something please.

Then she started the car to hear Dolly singing on the radio. That's when she knew God wanted her to go find Dolly again. So she did. She went to work and pulled up Dolly's website. And she looked and looked until she finally saw it.

Imagination Library.

Marlee, that's how that program came to your school.

That girl, her story, the way I felt when she told it was how I knew God was speaking to me.

Today I am grateful for how God speaks to me through people like her.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving love to Dolly's Imagination Library. Extra thanks for including Marlee...she's our future. I want her to Dream More. Be More. Do More. Care More. That is how Dolly would say it. And I believe our children will do just that if we reach out and love them. Because it is about people not A person. With love - Dolly's. Biggest. Fan.

Shea Goff said...

Oh, Dolly's. Biggest. Fan. Much love back to you.