Thursday, April 18, 2013

who is possum holla?

Tyler and Sheila Carroll

You know I have no idea what I'm doing. Right? You did know that, right?
I thought so. Now that we have that out of the way.

I can say, I am Possum Holla.

I am writing a love note to a hometown, to a people I remember who, for whatever reason, were kind to a kid who was always rebelling.

Good people.

Harley by Kim

Like a friend, who in a time of life and death, left me. In a flash she left me standing beside a car when this man wanted to kill me.

Was it Bill Cosby who said children come to kill their parents? In 1987 my Dad started to grey and the fact he didn't take my life that day meant he had incredible strength.

Thirty-two days in high school of thinking not so much for me. When I found out Slater was a boy I thought thank goodness he's a boy 'cause I couldn't handle a me.

I am Possum Holla.

Bubba by Sky & Kim

'Cause still no matter how awful I was as a teenager these people still believed that one of something doesn't make all of it and we were still a community who looked out for each other.

Phil by Teri and Tempa

I am Possum Holla because I came back, returned home, and found these people to be as kind and forgiving and lovely as I had almost forgotten.

Who cares why I would have searched out the music? No matter where I go I'll do that.

Then I'll sink into it and appreciate it because, well,

isn't that what music is about?

I didn't make the t-shirts. My brother, Josh, made them. I just bought them.

Future plaintiff in child labor case

Then we asked his own personal Gerber baby if we could exploit her to sell the t-shirts and she was all, Heck yeah, 'cause she can't talk or reason yet.

Lisa Mathis and the Mathis strawberry

But Lisa can reason and is aware and brilliant and hardworking. 
And Lisa knows what community is about.

I am Possum Holla because I believe when we give we receive.

Today I am grateful that you are going here and you are going to buy a Possum Holla t-shirt and you're going to tell others to do so as well because you, too, are Possum Holla.

Plus, I have so many t-shirts I need to sell. Please help.


Anonymous said...

Glad you did what you did and do what you do, turned out well.

Shea Goff said...

I blush and hope it's not over yet.

Anonymous said...

One day we will be rich writers...and we will sit around sipping coffee or tea or juice...and we will smile...and we will marvel that they pay us to do this...oh, I forgot we already are rich...