Saturday, April 13, 2013

who is marcus linton?

It was six months before Marcus Linton ever said a word to me.

Today I interview him for The Meridian Star.

Six months ago I called a friend who is a musician and said, Charlie, you'll never believe what I saw last night. This guy, he reminds me of Connor. You should see him play.

Charlie knew what I meant when I said Connor because Connor is in a band with him. Connor Alexander is a multi-instrument savant who writes music and sings. Sometimes he modifies instruments in order to make his own. He is an artist and a photographer and obviously has some kind of   

brain which  
takes in external stimuli and performs      


Yeah, magic. We'll just say magic.

Maybe it's some from of synesthesia or the limbic brain or those people just came to show us our potential and how focus and commitment can lead to such beauty.

Heck. I'm just a blogger. What do I know? Other than I'm turning into a writer who has an assignment for a newspaper and that was more than I had when I was photographing Connor.

What I know about Marcus is he told his Dad he wanted to play the guitar when he was eleven years old. 

His Dad gave him a guitar. 

Now however many years later Marcus is reported to have been proficient at any string instrument placed in his hands. And, oh yeah, he plays the piano.

Today I am grateful to come in contact with what looks and sounds like a message from a place I want to know so I investigate and maybe, 

just maybe I'll figure it out.
Or maybe not but surely I'll keep coming here to tell you about what I find.

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