Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the canyon of middle ground

I once read that a major US company had moved it's headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was during a time of American upheaval. Supposedly the area provided good defense in the form of mountains and a sufficient water source with desalination. Also, the people there had already been planning for some type of destruction or collapse or everybody run into your basements, eat all the food you have stored down there and come out in a couple of years. It was one of those thorough, great writing, investigative journalism type of genius so often found within the pages of Rolling Stone.


I don't know. I don't know if predicting collapse is a precursor to collapse in the form of a self fulfilling prophecy. I mean, it was a powerful company. Many former executives had high seats in our government at the time. What that writer was telling his reader was that the people in economic power were kinda,   um,    running for the hills, people. They were planning something or at the very least they saw something coming.


We learned not to trust our government long, long ago. It's not about democrat or republican, right or left or moderate, elephant or ass. If we consider ourselves fundamentalists we believe it about freedom and insanely enough not just for ourselves but also for others.


We can and will disagree. There will be times when we need to sit down and talk things out. If we did talk about this, which we should. We should definitely talk about it. I think what I have to communicate is we don't trust our own government. The writer of this article doesn't trust it either.


There are people starving in this world. Children who have nothing to eat. It is not near as bad as it used to be because we are evolving as humans. We are getting better at taking care of ourselves and each other. Even with all the bad news, the smoking, the obesity, the alcoholism, those people who jump off buildings, genocides, wars, those guys in Boston, the list goes on and on. Still life spans are increasing.


We are going to focus our energies on what is best for as many people as possible and we're going to read and be informed and stop calling each other names because we know, we learned back in grade school, that's no good.


Our government is taking control of our healthcare system.

But remember.

We don't trust them, either side. Something we may call a healthy suspicion and we have seen, read about people in power having way too much greed. Why would they be in power if they didn't have a love for it? We don't want those people in charge of saying we're mentally healthy enough to carry a gun.

Plus we are emotional about this issue. Of course we are. Still there are some facts we should read.

Today I am grateful for an honest dialogue with wonderful, intelligent people who, like me, are not willing only to talk but to listen as well.


Anonymous said...

Whew, run my battery down on that one. Stuck in the middle, I guess. I love my guns and what freedom I have left, but if I thought more gun laws would save the life of one child I would melt my guns down myself. Thanks for making me read and think.

Shea Goff said...

Apologies on your battery. I'm actually on your side of the canyon looking down wishing the canyon didn't exist. There are strong, intelligent people who I respect and admire on the other side. They are writing about this, and I feel it is my responsibility to respond to them even if they never read. Thank you for reading.