Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marcus Linton, seriously

Marcus laughs, Am I perfectionist?

He pauses, looks off the porch into the trees. Well. Some people may accuse me of such, but no. I wouldn't say I'm a perfectionist.

Have you seen some of the photos I've taken of you?

Yeah, I've seen some.

Did you see how serious you look when you play?

He grins, chuckles. Yes. I saw that. It's just that when I have the lead I am focused on the lead.

Marcus Linton is relaxed, much more laid back than I expected. At twenty-five years old he talks about how amazed he is to be married to his wife of nine months, how he obviously married way out of his league. I ask if she is also musically gifted. He smiles when he explains she has a beautiful voice and sometimes he can get her to sing.

He says it was seventh grade when he first tried to play a guitar. He missed the initial two weeks of school because of a bout with mononucleosis. Since all of his friends were at school he had nothing to do so he picked up his Dad's old Harmony Tenor four string that he had gotten from his father. Marcus held that guitar and listened to a cassette called Hee Haw Gospel Quartet. Then he just started picking out the chords.

No big deal. Within a year he had a banjo. He was playing with his Dad at church gatherings and jamming with the likes of Ethan Parten, a longtime friend and current member of The Bluegrass Cartel.

Ethan, pictured second from left at Roosevelt State Park, is a state champion.

Now Marcus Linton has four guitars, two banjos, two dobros, two fiddles, a mandolin and a keyboard. The only instrument he's never tackled and he thinks may be a challenge is a pedal steel guitar.

I can't help but wonder if we could have one of those sitting at Possum Holla.

What I think is that Marcus would look at that as he does any other instrument. 
He'd smile, take a breath and get serious.

Today I am grateful for a good rain and how nice it is to sit back and plan for a sunny day.

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