Monday, April 8, 2013

kind and gentle

hey, Marlee.
hi there.

Do you know what you love to do now?


You love to eat. It and sleep are your two favorite things in the whole wide world though you are pretty partial to a couple of people. They say don't pick favorites, Marlee, but you can't help it.

They can't help it either. 
Enamored with you. 
That's what they are.

And you them. And it's just one big love fest at your house. 

You've been there with your Mom now for almost seven weeks. You and her, you guys have been doing some heavy bonding in a house which has been an extended womb of sorts.

The rest of us love to watch you. 
We sit in circles and stare and giggle and talk about how precious you are. 
Marlee, it is insane how loved you are.

You have a mohawk and a mullet and a peachy, peachy peach fuzz head.

It's your cheeks and your feet and your toes and snuggle and cuddle and you got those two, Marlee.

You've got your Dad.

Your Mom.

You've got all of us.

Today I am so very grateful to know love.


Anonymous said...

tbeautiful,loving family and they did do great. you can see all the love they have for each other.

Shea Goff said...

Yes. It is so sweet to watch.