Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dear Marlee,

I was thinking about pulling the alarm, but I kinda felt like I was being watched.

I know. Just paranoid. It's not like your parents have developed some sort of circle of defense.
The whole family, it seems, just surrounds you.

Not that you need anyone's protection. To me, you're pretty much the mob boss. Like in the above photo where you're basically waiting on Aunt Wanda to please you. You're all, No.

Uh uh.


Wait. What?

That. More. Do more.

Okay, okay. Yes. I like to talk for you since you don't speak yet. It looks like you want to, don't you think? So we stand around and watch and coo and make gestures and whatever else it is you seem to want to do.

And it works, this whole baby worship.

Marlee, today I am grateful for your happiness. Your toothless smile is simply the sweetest.

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