Wednesday, March 13, 2013

this is about nobody

plastic compassion

What I think is that if you walk out your door, answer your phone, do what another suggests then you may take some photos, ask some questions and subsequently make a huge announcement to the room, You ladies. I'm going home but before I walk out that door I want to say that you are better humans than me. I'm willing to admit that.

Note to self.
You must return here to sit and flatten and cut and tie and not use needles. Be a better human, me.

This is not about the guy who is leaving in two weeks to be homeless. This is not about how worried his family is. This is not about the woman who heard that news and told her daughter, I'm going to crochet together plastic bags to make that guy a mat. 

This is not about the women who met last night at a local community center. This is not about the gazillion plastic bags they brought. This story is about nobody. It is about giving.

Plarn. People in this industry are inventing their own language.
Of course they are.

The trees of which plarn is cultivated.

The child who watches.

Today I am grateful to meet nobody in particular but rather an act, a deed. 


Elisa Mayo said...

Love it!

Shea Goff said...

Yes, Elisa. I too love what that is.