Friday, March 22, 2013

pity is not love

Grace thinking

Scene. Hooper's Audio.

He was the best man I met that day. The best thing he told me was no.

It was the last no I would hear that week.

It was enough no to know I didn't need to ask any further questions.

Will you?
How 'bout?


Scene. Dairy Queen.

The waffle bowl is dipped in a chocolate which is so sweet that I consider never eating chocolate again while I am eating the bowl. The entire bowl. I eat the whole bad chocolate bowl 'cause it has disappointing vanilla ice cream in it. I eat all of that as well.


Earlier I heard the last no. You know, the one from the best man there was.

Two intelligent ladies, friends, people you don't have to cajole or console, are sitting across the table from me. I don't even ask them if they are enjoying their treats. They are eating and talking and there is a notebook and a pen and ideas and, Here. You do this.

The last no was the last one we needed to know there is a change of plans. They are planning.

The lady to my right turns and asks, Are you okay?

Yes, I just have to be quiet. I just have to think. I need sleep. I need to wake up to this.

The other lady says, We're worried about you.

The worst you can do is pity me.

Each time Grace fell that day she never even whimpered. She just got right back up.

Two days later.

Today I am grateful for those people of this world who take the time to say no because they know no was the best thing they could tell you that day.

And, lest I forget, the two ladies, friends, people you don't have to cajole or console, who got right on that. People amaze me.

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