Friday, March 8, 2013


We are sitting on stools in different thirds of a room. I attempt comic relief. When she doesn't laugh I try  another absurd observation. When she does I repeat the cause. To my left her right is a wall of shine and polish and acoustic and electric and long posters of photographs of the majority's legends. I recognize some names, some I don't.

To my right her left is a glass, a hall, a conference going on.
There is shine, light, polish.
Serious people and product.

We met a guy who gave us directions and name tags and I will now forever love, adore the name Chip.

Chip gave us a shot because Chip understands people and kindness and we can talk to each other. How cool is it when we meet those people in this world? Chip is a good name.

First there was Tempa.
Then Chip.

And now we're sitting in a room.

And now there is him.
A man who runs instead of walks up the hall, takes a left on one foot and opens the door.
Jeans, shirt tucked out. I already understand him. I like him.

We are here
and he is here
and we've got one minute,
sixty seconds,
thirty each to tell him why we are getting inhisway.

PossumHollaPossumHollaPossumHolla, I am unfolding a t-shirt.

Tempa is instantly standing and on my left, We are here about a bluegrass festival and about a community and it's going to be great. You need to check out our webpage. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Her excitement is a drum beat. Her words staccato.

My turn, And we can be Bonnaroo. We can be south by southwest. This area needs this.

You're dreaming big, aren't you?

Bam. Eye contact.

Yesbutno. Yes, it's big but no not too big because we can do it. Why couldn't we do it? We're just as brilliant as they are. Why not?

I see it in his eyes.
He knows we can.
He doesn't have an answer.
He knows.
Him, Tempa, me and everyone within a whatever mile radius.
Everyone can do it.

Tempa is there and speaking, You have to check out our website and our facebook and our twitter. Do you know these people are playing every weekend all over this place?

He nods and he knows and we can do it and this company who makes this equipment is brilliant. If for no other reason because they make this equipment. The equipment which absorbs fingers and picks and vocals and sounds and turns it into the finest particles of wind so slight when it reaches your ears it tickles your drums.

Bam. We're done.
One minute, sixty seconds, thirty each and Tempa marks the sixtieth second with, Please check out our website. We are doing this for free because we believe. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point.

I'm gonna do it.

He's gonna do it, Tempa.

Today I am grateful to know that with construction always comes destruction. When the world is going one way for one person it is also going another way for another person. There is so much movement, energy displacing and the only way I know to help everyone is just pray. Never, never cease to pray that all kids get cured of cancer and nobody feels hunger and no animal goes without care and that for just one moment everyday each and every one of us feels some kind of peace in our hearts.

Dylan, Brandi, Sue, Donnie and all those sweet little babies and kids we see on our computers and who get in our hearts. I pray.

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