Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wretch like me


Great Grandmother loved the song Amazing Grace.
Someone, I can't remember who, sang it at her funeral.
When Andy Linton and the rest of the band sing it out at Wilson's I can't help but get chills. It is a beautiful song.

Then I remember years ago standing room only at a concert in Tunica, MS.
Aaron Lewis was alone on stage when he began singing this.

I had heard the song before but never live in the middle of a crowd who in unison raised their arms, their lighters and their voices in a common anthem. I looked around and saw tears coming down people's faces. My friend, my sister, standing next to me caught up in a chant of ugly inside.

Then I punched Kim and yelled, Do you see this?
She nodded.
Seriously. All these people think they're ugly inside.
Again she nodded but it was one of those okay, shut up, we're not going to get into one of your philosophical discussions here in the middle of a concert nods.
Still I had to have the last word in the form of a charade, hands raised, fingers spread. what tha fuck?

Then I remembered.
Save a wretch like me.

Today I am grateful to question what I tell myself and those around me.
If we are what we believe ourselves to be then can we leave that one out. No? Okay.

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