Wednesday, February 6, 2013


You can read about Tyler and see all of him on pages fourteen through seventeen in the current issue of Desoto magazine.

There is a park in Desoto County called Conger Park. I remember the days of it just being a thought, a project started when the people of Hernando got together and decided to create a place for their children. Someone there, I don't know who, spoke up and said they should paint tiles and put them on a wall. Those tiles would have the handprints and names of the community's children. I was just a business then and found no problem in purchasing five tiles for kids whose parents couldn't afford them. It all made sense to me. If the park was being built for the children then it should be started by the very same people who inspired it. Just the thought of that wall of tiles still makes me smile.

If I was going to build a wall for Possum Holla, a wall of photos for the world to see. Tyler would be the child (sorry Tyler, young man) I started with.

Today I am grateful for inspiration and how if we follow the where and what and how begins to take the lead.

Possum Holla website coming soon.

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