Wednesday, February 13, 2013

let me count the ways

I love the way you smile. the way I can hear it when you talk.

I love that noise you make. You know. when we're joking around.

I love when you declare something lifting that one finger in front of you and slightly above your head and stating with pure confidence, absolute surety that you have it worked out and how you smile when I kiss you on the forehead.

I love your favorite hoody and how sometimes you forget to shave and when your hair is not so neatly combed.

I love how we can be suggestive with intimate details of us and how if we then walk away to think about those details we return with more suggestions.

I love not only that you know how to build a fire but that you do sometimes for us as if it just seemed time to have a party.

I love when we are apart because then I know what it is to miss you, miss our love.

Today I am grateful to know love, to not give up on love and how you helped me realize it. Thank you.

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