Saturday, February 2, 2013

here in that corner

I would tell you what Annie said.

I'd say, Annie was just grinnin' and laughin' and we hugged five times. CP said he took her to the doctor and they said her blood pressure was up a bit but it's normally low so I told him the whole purpose of the article was to kill off Annie so I could have him all to myself. Annie said, 'See CP. I told you she loved you'. Then we all laughed together and she showed me another cake and I just have to tell you one thing.

What Annie said.

Annie said, 'Shea, this woman called me from up there in Philadelphia to tell me she read that article and she loved it and she just wanted to let me know that the man who gave me that rose was her Daddy. And I asked his name 'cause I never knew it and she told me. He's already passed but she just wanted to let me know how much her Daddy loved flowers. In't it great, Shea, how stories circle around?'

I think this is when we hugged again.

Yes, Annie. That is great, I said.

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