Friday, February 1, 2013

Gus and Call and Jake and Pea Eye and Lorena

This road has become that road. I look down it sometimes and think of this moment that walk. Awkward because they were leaving that day and I had spent their entire two day stay just enjoying them.

This is Billy Sue asking, Why do you have to leave?
Slater is answering with something about Shelby and college and she should've known he wasn't going to hang out forever.

This is Shelby understanding.

what Nan won

Nan said I had to pick the photo when she won. What I decided is that it had to be recent and it had to include Shelby. But more than that. It had to be straight on that boy. Nan would understand the whole I'm looking at you you're looking at me pointing at my eyes pointing at your eyes and we know this is real and awesome and I love you so much that I am willing to let you go.

Today I am grateful for that summer I read Lonesome Dove and for the winter I understood the true legendary characters of our lives were the ones who could make a road more than just a road.

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