Thursday, February 28, 2013


She springs. She hops. It looks like one move when all the muscles receive a single impulse and if you blink you miss it. Bam. Bing. From back flat on floor to upright midair action shot. I need to be a better photographer or at least have my camera with me.

I heard you got a new car or truck or Tahoe.


You love it?

More and more and more nods.

So I haven't seen you in a while. What's been happening?

Head tilted. Big grin.

Did you go to school?

Again with rapid fire nods.

What didja do in school?


It turns out after some prompting from Grammie that everybody in the class had been bad except her and they had to cut out recess and return to the room to do some work and she was so glad that Grammie had checked her out because that was totally no fun.

Let's face it, people. We learned in the eighties that girls just wanted to have fun.

Take it, Cindy. (Click on the link and hopefully the Justin Bieber headshot will appear and he'll be all, Why are you dancing like that, old woman? and you'll be all, Watch this move, Justin. And then you'll pull a muscle but that's okay 'cause that muscle went down to show Justin how it was done. Yeah)

Today I am grateful to take a few days from the normal routine. Ya' know, to have fun.

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