Sunday, February 10, 2013

pretty please

From Mountain View, AR to Causeyville, MS
Grand Oak Bluegrass Gospel Hall

Tempa made me sign up for twitter. I have expanded into 140 characters, squeezed into an ocean of what maybe is a dialogue. I don't know anymore. Facebook still confuses me.

It's just that Tempa is working hard to support a cause, a mission. She is exploring new music and writing about it. What Tempa's friends say of her is that she is the last person who would listen to country music. She was raised among the Mississippi Delta blues.

But it's bluegrass, I said. You gotta see it.

She did. She is.

I think what we have here is investigative journalism in 140 characters of discovery.

How Tempa made me join twitter is she taught me to open my mind and my heart to new things.

So you, you who I ask things of constantly, you who give me your attention, I come to you and ask/suggest/beg/plead/say it could be a good thing if you took a moment to like a page or follow a brilliant writer who's discovering new music.

Click here to like the Possum Holla Facebook page.
Click here to follow a bluegrass festival called Possum Holla on Twitter.

I did. I am.

And I think, maybe, it is possible that the website will launch today. Oh good gosh. What are we doing? You know you're always the first to know. I think I'm still trying to figure all this out.

Today I am grateful to know that it's never too late to learn new things.

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