Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wilson's eight steps

O Brother. Where art thou?

Wayne tells me they missed me Friday night and then gives me the last name of whose place they played. I tell him I have no idea where that's at and I know I should get out more and explore but I am so stuck on Wilson's. He smiles and nods, It is nice.

Wayne is a performer and a musician, I think in that order. He's always at Wilson's playing a mouth harp or a fiddle and his eyes and his smile and he and Tyler can sure cut up. You could tell from the very first night that Tyler was blessed to have Wayne in his life.

It hurts at first to fall in love with a music. Every cell of me grips to Kelly Joe and The Black Keys and Leonard Cohen and Woodstomp and now the Eels. Thus, I make a list entitled

Eight steps to falling in love with new music.

1. Go to a live performance. Meet the other people who listen. See how accepting they are of you. Look into their eyes. See their smiles. Talk. Listen.

2. Study the stage or the corner of the room. Judge every single musician. Worn boots. Overalls. Crease. Shirt tucked in. Belt. Tennis shoes. T-shirt. Hat.

3. Check out what they are playing. More times than not you can't see the calluses on their fingers and you definitely can't see how their muscles formed. Some instruments will shine, my favorites at times definitely show wear. A beat up stand up bass makes me smile.

4. Absorb the sound. Close your eyes. Still your mind. Take it in.

5. Feel.

6. Repeat steps four and five after opening your eyes and closing them again several times. If the music is good you'll blink and smile and be connected to an entire room of people. Don't worry. They understand how much you love it.

7. Feel guilt. Cling momentarily to the music you have claimed to love because you really did and you really still do and then imagine what it would be like to have them listening with you. If in your mind you turn to them and ask, Leonard, Dan, Pat, Kelly Joe, Charlie, Connor. Guys, what do you think? And in your mind they smile then you know you've got something here.

8. Leave but not before asking, Mr. Wilson, When can we do this again?

He says this Saturday night.

Today I am so very grateful for a future, for plans. for live music. for Wilson's.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me but DAMN,I liked that, sorry.

Shea Goff said...

oh GOOD, no need for apologies.